1. Make a packing list and double check it.
  2. Place all liquids in clear, plastic bags.
  3. Make a photocopy of passports and store them in your luggage.
  4. Pack an extra set of clothes in your carry-on, as well as snacks.
  5. Check in on airline website 24 hours ahead of time and leave numbers for update and return check in. 
  6. Advise your credit card company you will be traveling out of country and try to use credit card company that do not charge transaction fees.
  7. Check the airlines website for luggage fees, and weight and size restrictions.
  8. Take along electric converters for room (if needed), travel pillow, noise cancelling headphones.
  9. Carry prescriptions and valuables with you, do not pack in checked baggage.  Ensure prescription label is visible.
  10. ATM's usually give the best exchange rate when traveling internationally.
  11. Don’t forget to leave a contact list to whomever is watching your house.  This way they can always contact you in case of an emergency.
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